Teen Confirmation: 15-16

Teen Confirmation is underway.

The Orientation began with questions – Knowledge of the Faith Survey – that each young person is expected to know to complete their Confirmation in April.

  1. Name the three persons of the Blessed Trinity and the specific role of each.
  2. Jesus Christ has two natures: What are they?
  3. What are the four marks of the Church?
  4. Name the seven sacraments and describe the gifts received at each one.
  5. Why did God create us?
  6. What is the Paschal Mystery and why is it necessary?
  7. List the Ten Commandments.
  8. What are mortal sin and venial sin….give three examples of each.
  9. Why is sin harmful.
  10. What are three things we can do to help us resist the temptations of sin?
  11. What is prayer and why is it important to pray regularly?
  12. Describe three types of prayer.
  13. Why do we participate in Sunday Mass and how do we benefit?
  14. Name the two main parts of the Mass and what occurs during each part.
  15. What is transubstantiation?
  16. Name the two books that are keys to understanding the basis and teacingsof our Catholic faith.
  17. What is the proper disposition for the reception of Holy Communion?
  18. What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that one receives at Communion.?
  19. What are three types of vocations?
  20. What are three things Catholics are required to do?
  21. What is chastity and what does the Church stress regarding human sexuality?
  22. What is the Communion of Saints?
  23. Who is Mary and what makes her unique?
  24. What are the words to all the prayers of the rosary?