Father Fernando’s Reflections

  • Feb 18, 2018

Mark’s gospel is the shortest description of the Satan’s temptations in the desert. In short order they are resolved. In the wake of John the Baptist’s imprisonment, Jesus boldly appears and proclaims the kingdom of God. He calls to repentance of sins and belief in the gospel (“the good word or good news”).

Saint Paul recalls both the story of Noah (in first reading) and the significane of Jesus’ Paschal Sacrifice. It is more than just a dying and rising to new life. It is a transformation of life through death in the mystery of the glorious resurrection. It is a new gift meant for both the living and the dead. Paul gives us a glimpse into the meaning of the words in the Creed, “he descended in hell.” It is a visit, in the spirit, by Jesus “to preach to the spirits in prison, who had once been disobedient”. Is there yet hope for those who turned from God in this life?

  • Feb 11, 2018

The Gospel of Mark centers again on a miracle cure—leprosy! It is the curse of ages and taken very seriously in the Jewish community of the time. Jesus cuts across all barriers and cures the man from the desire of his divine heart to do good. Though Jesus would wish to remain obscure about this, the man publicizes it everywhere to everyone. How can the Gospel be contained! Alleluia! Today is our last Sunday for an “Alleluia” at Mass until Holy Saturday night. Let us approach Lent with praise and thanksgiving!

  • Feb 4, 2018

The Gospel of Mark begins with a “day in the life of” Jesus. Jesus has gathered his disciples, teaches and exorcises demons (works on the Sabbath!), amazes people, and continues his works into the late evening. Drudgery,duty or calling, Jesus leads the way. The burdens of Job, the obligations of St. Paul are ultimately the work of God in Christ Jesus. We take on our burdens and the Gospel, if not with delight, at least with the certain hope that we are doing what is right and just on behalf of the kingdom of God – with the help of Jesus. Rest will come in the end, when Jesus calls us to his side forever.

  • Jan 27, 2018

The words of Jesus are effective and relay the will of God the Father. He fulfills the prophecy of Moses as one who sent by God to speak for God and make manifest his divine kingship over all humanity (Deuteronomy). He is the Son of God! People follow him and demons defer to him (St. Mark). There is none other like Jesus. Our life in Christ should affect our entire existence, body, soul, mind and spirit (St. Paul to the Corinthians). We are to be attentive to him. “A new teaching with authority.”