Fr. Fernando Cortez


I am Fr. Fernando José Cortez. You may call me “Fr. Fernando”, if you like. Thank you for welcoming me to my new faith community and parish assignment. I am assigned as the “Parochial Administrator”, a position in Canon Law that places me here to serve “at the pleasure of the bishop”. Like a pastor, I carry the same responsibilities and enjoy the same privileges. I already feel at home. Thank you.

Here is some background on me. I was born in Oakland, CA in 1951. My family is from Spain, via Hawaii. The family has been in California since 1917. My mother came from Spain in 1948. I have one living sibling, my younger brother Salvador, who lives in San Leandro. He is married to Maria and has two children, and three grandchildren.

I was educated in public schools and state university in Hayward (class of 1973). I studied at Saint Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park, CA and was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Oakland in 1977. So, I have been a priest for about 35 years. I have served as a pastor in three other parishes, and participate as a spiritual director in the Cursillos de Cristiandad since 1983. I have worked as the Diocesan Vocation Director and as a consultant and volunteer to Sr. Felicia Sarati, csjo, of the Office of Ethnic Concerns in our diocese. I speak English, Spanish and I am “pastorally functional” in Portuguese. I am a fourth degree Knight of Columbus.

I hope I will be of service to the church and school and religious communities here at Saint Jerome. Let us strive to be a strong, faithful and united parish. May God who began the good work in you bring it to completion. Amen!

Fr. Fernando J. Cortez

…..from St. Jerome Parish Bulletin, September 9, 2012


Fr Fernando was installed as Pastor of St. Jerome Parish March 10, 2013. It was a wonderful celebration…a church full and Rohan Hall full for the reception. It was a joyous day!