Nov 9, 2013 – Reflections and What’s on the Parish Plate

Nov 9, 2013


Jesus contends with the Sadducees (teachers who do not believe in the Resurrection).  Their disregard for this belief is ridiculed in their story about seven brothers who die childless.  They all share one widow!  In the “next life” whose wife will she be?  Jesus digs deeper, probably recalling in his heart that other set of seven brothers who die martyrs to the cause of God . They trusted in the resurrection to new life!  It is not a question of marriage but living as God intended for us to live (see Paul to the Thessalonians).

On the Parish Plate   

Pastoral Council: nominations are now welcome to replace six members of our Pastoral Council.

Finance Council: I have TWO new volunteers.  This consultative body needs expanded membership.  A grasp of financial matters and a lively imagination are needed.  Also needed: lots of patience with the pastor!

Update Buildings and Grounds:

The Rohan Hall restroom water problem is resolved for now.  There was sprinkler seepage into the basement floor and out into the hall.  Those sprinklers have been shut down.

On November 1st cast-iron drainage pipes in the rectory kitchen finally burst.  75 years of rust and sludge!  This has caused a major loss in the Faith Formation Office below the kitchen: curriculum materials, books, and items belonging to Mary Ernst.  Parents and community are asked to be patient as the insurance company and the diocesan contractors resolve the hazardous situation.

A accidental break in a sprinkler head November 2nd evening was resolved by resourceful parents and grandparents from our school during the “Taste of Italy” event.  Thank you all.  When it rains it pours…….

                                                                               Fr. Fernando J. Cortez, Pastor