A’s Game – Aug 3 date cancelled

Hi all:
I was only able to sell 3-6 tickets for the August 3rd game, so I am rescheduling.   We can not cancel.  There are two fireworks games coming up, August 31 and September 20.  August 31 will have Green Day in the parking lot or something and September 20 will have the theme music for Star Wars playing during the fireworks.  I think we will have a better chance of selling these tickets with fireworks, since August 3 was a bust.  My first choice is Sept 20 (Friday), since the 31st (Sat) is close to the beginning of school.
Do either of these days work for any of you who would like to come to the game?  I need to choose a game soon to get field level tickets for our good price.  If you pick a date, doesn’t mean you have to buy a ticket.