History of the Convent of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

7626 Curry Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530

The view across the street from the Convent

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a world wide society of consecrated women whose mission is to bring the compassion and love of the Heart of Christ to others through education, nursing, social work, pastoral work and counseling.

The Sisters came to St. Jerome parish in 1955 to open and staff St. Jerome School. The Sisters ran the school very successfully for many years with great support from pastors, parents and parishioners, and they are proud to have such a long and fruitful association with St Jerome School and parish. They presently live in their convent home next door to the church.

Over the years the sisters have devoted, with much love, their time, energy and prayers to the parish, teaching at our St Jerome Catholic school, teaching religion classes after school, directing the Family Faith Formation program and visiting the sick and home-bound.

The convent closed as the nuns retired to their home land Ireland.

The Convent Home