This flu virus is traveling the world! The USA is no exception. Please be careful and considerate of others in your daily contacts and especially in Church. Some precautions are:

(NEW) MOST HOLY COMMUNION – The Most Holy Eucharist was instituted by Jesus Christ Himself! I don’t think God would intend for a shared meal to be a source of contagion, sickness or death. Jesus said, “Take and eat”, and “Take and drink”. Our vessels are cleansed after each Mass. The Coronavirus presents a unique challenge as it persists on surfaces far longer than other flu viruses. People carry the virus. As of last weekend, the II Sunday of Lent, I withdrew the cup of the consecrated Blood of Christ. Some parishes have stopped the practice for the duration of the viral outbreak. Partaking of the chalice was ALWAYS OPTIONAL. The Church taught many centuries ago that the Body and Blood of Christ are present in BOTH elements, bread and wine. A consecrated host is enough for HOLY COMMUNION.

THE COMMUNION CUP, THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, IS OPTIONAL NO HOLY WATER FONTS – Many time in the past other pastors have emptied the holy water fonts and placed sand or pebbles in the fonts for Lent. It reminds us of the “desert experiences” of Israel and Jesus. This absence may persist beyond Lent for a time. Please be understanding. Blessing with holy water is not a sacrament. It’s an outward remembrance of our own Baptism.


LORD’S PRAYER – Over the decades, since the Vatican II Council reforms, church communities have expressed unity and reconciliation by handing hands during the Lord’s Prayer. You may refrain from this practice, no insult is intended to your pew neighbor.


KISS OF PEACE – Again, this was re-introduced to the church worship practice from the reforms of Vatican II Council. “Greet one another as brothers (and sisters) in Christ” said the Apostle. From ancient times we acknowledged our kinship in Christ. Out of consideration for one another, a smile and a verbal greeting is kind and appropriate. No snubbing is intended. CONTACT IS OPTIONAL