Father Fernando’s Reflections

Words fade with the passage of time and memory fails. But, the Word of God shall never perish! Priests come and go. So, do I. But, the Word of God is yours to keep, honor and obey. The perseverance of this faith community depends of that Most Holy Trinity of God we celebrate today. As I have said, on occasion, to quote Jesus, “Let the dead bury the dead, YOU, go preach the Gospel!”
Jesus speaks plainly of the “Divine Dance of God” as he departs at the Ascension. He makes the invocation of the Most Holy Trinity integral to BAPTISM. But what has touched me the deepest is the last phrase in today’s Gospel, “AND BEHOLD, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE.”
May you receive Fr. Michael Nghia Pham kindly, and kindly remember me in your prayers. I will continue as an active priest of the Diocese of Oakland and look forward to many more experiences with the People of God. As Fr. Jim Keeley (+) would always say, “God is good. Church is fun!”
Fr. Fernando J. Cortez, Pastor – Retired May 31, 2021