May 12, 2013 – Seventh Sunday


May 12, 2013

Ascension marks a rite of passage for Jesus, the disciples and the Church that is about to be born. The fruits of the ministry and glorification of Jesus are peace, unity, power in the Holy Spirit, divine infusion of knowledge and wisdom to remember the words and works of Jesus. The power of the kingdom of God is about to be poured out on the new People of God. The price for this is the return of the Son to the Father. In this way the Spirit is released to indwell the Church and give power to the Word of God and the sacraments of the Church initiated by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Like the disciples we are called to the mission of the kingdom and to rejoice in our union with God through Jesus in the Holy Spirit.

The Mass and reception for the sisters were a great success and a beautiful reunion event for many school and parish people. Thanks to ministers and choir for a beautiful Mass. Our renewed thanks to the planning committee: Sister Kathleen Laverty, Sister Angela Burke, Sr. Nora Hogan, Barbara Cortese and Judy Valladao. Our special thanks as well to the work committee: C.J. Accornero, Don Accornero, Roberta Bliss, Rose Bright, Phyllis Ciardo, Ben Clow, Barbara Cortese, Mary Davidson, Mary Ghidella, Maureen Haesloop, Sr. Kathleen Laverty, Barbara Nardi, Garry Osterholt, Carolyn Pugh, Donna Ramsey, Steve Reed, Nan Rohan, Loretta Sorenson, Teresa Viebrock, Lisa Wolfman-Weyrauch, Elena Woodhead, Bill Valladao, Judy Valladao and Carol Valladao. Our gratitude to Don Krieger and friends for providing music for the event; photographers Father Anton Aryanto, Deacon Ben Agustin, Paul Lee and Carolyn Pugh. We appreciate the many items of food, photos for albums and letter of remembrance from generous parishioners and friends.

Our annual First Communion Mass was this Saturday, May 11. We congratulate on the Children and their families on this special occasion. 35 children received Eucharist in the company of family and friends. Please pray for them and encourage their continued commitment to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. My thanks to parents and family members who accepted “the responsibility of training their children in the practice of the faith” (Rite of Baptism for Children, 1970). The school monthly Mass celebrated Grandparents’ Day and a May Crowning.

The School Spring Festival is Sunday, May 19th following the 9am School Family Mass. Your support of the Spring Festival continues to help improve quality Catholic education for our children. If you are aware of any friends or neighbors who may have an interest in Catholic education for their children, please encourage them to contact Saint Jerome school. Visits and testing are available upon request.

Fr. Fernando J. Cortez, Pastor