Children/Family Catechesis

Children/Family Catechesis  (Faith Formation)

St. Jerome’s Church supports families and children in their ongoing growth in faith and spirituality.  This program provides both children’s weekly classes as well as whole family gatherings at special points in our Liturgical Year  (Advent and Lent).  The pastor also presides at a monthly Mass a which recognizes children and family and their unique place in our parish community.

A special program for children/youth desiring the sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation (Penance or Confession), and Eucharist (First Communion) is also offered.  This program includes individual family meetings with the Director of Children’s Catechesis, weekly classes for children/youth and  monthly meetings for the family of children/youth preparing to receive sacraments.

Our resource text this year is from Loyola Press (A Jesuit Ministry):  Christ Our Light and for our sacrament preparation:

  • God’s Gift:  Reconciliation
  • God’s Gift:  Eucharist.  (also from Loyola Press)

For more information about our programs please contact Theresa Fenzl (Director of Children and Family Catechesis).  She  would be happy to answer your questions and have you become part of our program.  ( or 510.525.0876.


Theresa Fenzi Director of Children and Family Catechesis