Liturgical Ministries

St. Jerome’s Liturgical Ministry consists of the Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, and Lectors. Please consider volunteering for one of these ministries.



The mission of the Altar Server Ministry is to provide girls and boys of St. Jerome Catholic Church an opportunity to serve the presiding priest and our parish community at Mass and in that way, develop a deeper appreciation of the celebration of Eucharistic and of service to our Christian community.


In early June, the Director of Altar Servers meets with fifth grade students and the Family Faith Formation classes to describe the ministry and encourage participation. Students who express an interest in becoming servers and their parents will then be invited to attend an information meeting at which applications will be available for sign-ups. Students in higher grades may apply at any time by contacting the Director of Altar Servers.


  • Must be Catholic
  • Have received First Holy Communion
  • Have completed fifth grade in school
  • Enrollment in Catholic school is not a requirement. This is a parish-wide ministry.


Training covers the significance of the Mass and altar server responsibilities. After training, servers are scheduled to serve one Mass every other weekend and rotate through the weekend Mass times. Substitutions are permitted whenever a server is unable to serve an assigned Mass.


For more information, please contact the Parish Office at 510.525.0876.


Eucharistic Ministers are active parishioners who help distribute the consecrated bread and wine at Mass. They prepare the cups and plates, set out bread and wine for the presentation of gifts and clean the vessels after Mass. Ministers may choose the Mass to which they are scheduled. Eucharistic Ministers must be confirmed.

For additional information, please contact either of the co-coordinators Judy Valladao or Barbara Nardi at the parish office at 510.525.0876


Lectors, or Ministers of the Word, proclaim the Word of God by reading passages from Scripture during Mass. Lectors make God’s word come alive to the gathered assembly. They reflect on the readings ahead of time by reviewing the Lector’s workbook provided by the parish and by attending lector in-service meetings held at the parish. Ministers are responsible for obtaining substitutes when they cannot serve at their scheduled time. Attendance is required for in-service gatherings.

For additional information, please contact the coordinator, June Ough, at the parish office at 510.525.0876