Pastoral Council

St. Jerome Catholic Church’s is responsible for seeing the bigger picture of the parish. In addition to doing long range planning, the council members deal with whatever pastoral concerns the pastor brings before them. Participation in the council allows a group of parishioners to provide the members of the parish a means of sharing the initiative and responsibility in developing the parish as a Christian community by encouraging and promoting apostolic activity within the parish to enhance its spiritual growth.

The pastor is responsible for the overall welfare of the parish and is accountable to the bishop. The pastor works collaboratively with the council and participates in the workings of the council. In cooperation with the pastor, the council determines the policies and goals of the parish in spiritual and temporal matters.

Membership is discerned and the parish community at large is free to recommend persons for consideration. Self-nomination for discernment is another option. The term of office is three years with staggered rotation.

For more information, please contact the parish office at 510.525.0876.