*Bathroom Project Update

My Dear Parishioners,

I wanted to give you an update on our Bathroom Project.  The construction company began work on the project February 27th.  They promised to work as steady and quickly as possible to complete the job, but there are still issues with the supply chain making it difficult to obtain the necessary building materials.  Hence, we do not have an estimated date of completion.

I want to thank all the parishioners who have been quite generous in donating to the Bathroom Fund and helping us to obtain our goal.  With prayers, donations, hope, and patience we are on our way to an ADA compliant bathroom in the back of the church.

During this time, Confessions will be heard inside the church.

At end of February our almost 30-year-old water heater went out. It served us well. It has been retired and replaced with a tankless one.

Lenten Blessings

Fr. Michael